Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forgot to Remind all you readers! (DST Time again!)

Once again, we have DST!
This is a good time to remember other things that need to be taken care of, specifically on your car, and at your home!

I like to remind folks that really aren't into car care, that at least twice a year, (a good reminder is around the time change) you should:
  • Change the oil (more than 2x per year but if you can't remember do it now)
  • Rotate your tires, correct air pressure
  • Inspect/Replace your air filter
  • Wash the car really well (including the wheel wells and rails/drains).
  • Remove the garbage inside the car
  • Inspect all your exterior lights

  • Fertilize the lawn (Fall Fertilizer, and Spring Time too)
  • Change the Ice maker Filter
  • Change the A/C Furnace Filter
  • Open the windows and let some fresh air in!
  • Drain that hot water heater
  • Check/Replace any light bulbs that burned out

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