Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prices you're willing to pay for things living abroad

Realizing that I have not written in such a long time has motivated me to make another blog entry.  Hopefully I'm not blogging in a vacuum and someone out there is reading this!

Recently, I've been thinking about living overseas, and the kinds of crazy things that you tend to pay for just because you can't get them normally.

Living abroad for over two years, I've found that most of the things that I've wanted (maybe 90% of them) are available at some point, somewhere, either at a Brick and Mortar, or at an online seller.

The other 10%, I just bring with me when I go back home, and carry two suitcases.  The funny thing is, many of the things that I purchase are made overseas where I live, just not available here.

Socks, Towels, Windshield Wipers for the car, Bed sheets, shower curtains, are some of the things that I bring back with me!

Living in a smaller city doesn't help, but figuring out how to use the online auction/buying sure as heck does.

So lets look at the things that I DON'T buy local brands for and pay a lot more for....

The things in italics are actually imported Everything else is available locally but is still considered a foreign brand.

Toilet Paper (Kleenex Brand) - Korea
Tide Detergent
Shaving Cream
Cereal - Korea
Dog Food - Korea
Kraft Mac and Cheese - USA
Juices - USA/etc
Peanut Butter - USA

You really don't realize how much you love and miss that comfort of that Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese till you click "Buy it now" online and pay 7 dollars American for that box of pasta and powdered cheese product....

What are some of the things that you can't find where you live, and do you still have to go get them from 'back home'?