Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More electronics.....

So my latest product I have been testing, is Logitech's Harmony One Remote. Okay so I sound like a product testing infomercial now, right?

This new remote allows you to control everything like a Universal, but theres one huge plus. You can program the remote's actions in the computer and sync it via USB.

So you can program all these activities in it. (Watch TV, Listen to Radio, Listen to CD, Watch DVD etc) and when you're done, one button turns it all off.

Here's an example. I want to watch a DVD. Press "Watch DVD" on the remote, and it powers on the:

TV, DVD player, and Home Theater unit......one click.....and also, it will tune the home theater to "DVD", open the DVD player, and set the volume on the home theater to my preprogrammed level.

Pretty nifty huh? All from ONE remote. No batteries to replace, theres a charging cradle like a cordless phone!

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