Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Post office....

Most of you know that I run a website/internet mail order company from my home, and 98% of the product I ship is within the US. I use private carriers most of the time, but sometimes I use USPS for international or small stuff I can jam into a priority flat rate box.

I recently printed a label with "Click n Ship" service going to Canada, and I went to the post office near my house to drop the package off.

From what I understood on the website, All I had to do was to get the special international envelope for the customs forms that I printed and then drop it off at the Post office.

When I arrived there, the disgruntled worker, waited on me. I showed her the information I had, and that I had not done an international label online before. Then she proceeded to tell me, that,

"They dont train us how to handle online, I have no idea what that is" then she told me that the tape I used was masking tape "This ain't no box tape, this here some masking tape." I explained that it was Pressure sensitive adhesive tape that was USPS,FedEx and UPS approved. She then went on to say "You don't have the address on the box, you be usin' the wrong tape, and that package isn't ready to be shipped."

I run an internet sales company. We ship worldwide. I spent thousands of dollars in shipping last year. When I do ship USPS, I use a Post Office by work, where they have NEVER said the tape I use is improper.

So I asked if I need to write the address on the box, since the USPS Prioirity international label was not good enough to her. ANd her reply was "I dunno, they dont train us about that, you jus droppin a package off and you get a discount, really I dont have to help you because you printed that online." And put me at an empty station with my box, and helped the next customer.

All the while making snide comments about the way my box was packed and "You need to go get your money back cause thats the wrong tape right there." I did not feel like arguing with her anymore, but I don't appreciate the non stop sarcasm, rudeness, and being yelled at like a five year old for something that she thought was done incorrectly that I have done HUNDREDS of times before at other post offices with no problems.

Anyway thats my rant today. The post office is a Joke.

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Chris & Bethany said...

I would have told her "YOU'RE PATHETIC", but that's how I roll.