Monday, November 12, 2007

When is the cold weather coming?

Its the middle of November and I'm running the AC in the car and in the house! Whats up with that? I finally made myself go buy my "Fall Flowers" and pull up the poor zenias that are confused with the weather and have half died and grown gangly in their old age. So I hit Lowe's yesterday and picked up a flat of pansies, and a big snap dragon, and a sprayer to tame my ongoing tick problem.

I had some pansy fertilizer that said on the directions to sprinkle the stuff right onto the plants directly after watering. So after Green thumbing it yesterday, I put some magic fertilizer on the plants, only to come back 2 hours later to find them all wilted! green but wilted. Hopefully they'll come back, otherwise I'll need to buy more! ARGH!

Afterwards, I used my new Chemical friend, "Dragnet" and treated the back yard, which is supposed to kill all the fleas, ticks, and anything else that moves. I'm tired of pulling ticks off Forrest, and I'm sure Forrest is tired of having them on him. This stuff is for use by professionals only, and the mix was .1 ounces to 5 gallons of water, so we'll see what happens. Its made from the oil of Mums, or so I'm told. But I have to dilute it a LOT to use it inside the house, as my closet was a playground for ticks, but Sevidust has helped quite a bit. Time to say good bye guys.

I'll let you know how the stuff works. Stay tooned!

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