Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Things to take care of in the new year....

Okay guys, I used to really be psycho about changing my furnace/Air Conditioning filter, but I, myself am guilty of letting this one slip. After doing some renovations of the house this weekend, I looked at my thermostat and saw the sticker I had placed on there called for a filter replacement in April 23, 2007. Meaning the last time I changed the filter was Jan 23, 2007!! Wondering why your house doesnt stay warm/cool, or why your light bill is high? I'm sitting here with the 'fan' mode on right now, I can feel the airflow again in bed!! WOW.

I use 3M Filtrete purple filters, which is the 2nd best they make, and they claim its good for up to 3 months. I guess after a year is quite a bit. I can't believe I let it slip this long!!!

Okay, here a pic....Click for the full size....BLECH!

Another thing for you guys that don't stay on top of these things. Lets do this in January!
1. Change your A/C or Furnace Filter in your home
2. Change your water filter in your icemaker if you have one
3. Drain that hot water heater! Prevents the banging and clanging of Calcium Deposits!
4. Clean those gutters!
Any more tips? I'm sure there are a zillion things to do when you're a homeowner, these are some major things that I think off the top of my head... Post em here!

Annual Car tips.....
1. Rotate your tires (do this 2X per year at least!) on your car and check your air pressure (monthly) don't forget that spare tire!
1a. If you're my friend RC, this would be your ANNUAL oil change! Thank goodness your wife takes care of you!
2. Change your Car's Air Filter. This can be done in less than 5 minutes. If you have a newer car, you may have a Cabin Filter. Time to swap that out too! Makes the bad smells in your car go away!
3. Wash your car, not at the car wash. Do this at home. This would be a good time to clean out the insides of your wheel wells, rinse away all that salt, sand, and dirt that will breed rust all in your car!

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